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Transforming healthcare IT and establishing new and innovative ways to improve health and healthcare delivery

Are apps the future of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries?

mHealth apps are predicted to be used globally by 1.7 billion people , half the population with smartphones, for maintaining their ‘wellness’ by 2017. Such massive changes in attitudes to health and the ways to improve it will transform the consumer healthcare industry.

Are you developing apps in your business?

Mobile technology can not only ease pressure on stretched national healthcare budgets but also give healthcare professional an additional tool to diagnose and manage patient treatment. There is huge scope for ways apps can be used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as well as significant profit to be made.

The Healthcare Apps Summit is the only European conference dedicated to mobile apps in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The event will bring together healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, app developers and regulatory bodies to network, share best practices, discuss obstacles and overcome key challenges involved with the development of apps.

Why attend?

This event will educate and inform everyone involved in the industry on key issues including:

  • The regulation you need to comply with, potential amendments and changes taking place now and in the next few years
  • When does an app becomes a medical device and the consequences this definition incurs
  • How to ensure interoperability to allow data sharing and integration of processes
  • The costs and risks involved with app development and how to set up a business case for apps
  • Differentiating your app in the market and maintaining user engagement

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